The Archaeology of Futures. Workshop by El Ultimo Grito

The aim of this workshop is to create both objects and narrative contexts as one single outcome. During the development process the first would feed the second and one vice versa in order to achieve new kinds of product typology that would talk about possible futures and the way we picture and interpret them right now.

Starting from three or more objects from the 1 pound shop around the corner and then joining them togehter these objects, or just a part of them, through an intuitive exploration of shapes and the language of objects, would lead to ‘bizare’ and ‘imaginary’ constructs that are able to talk abstract uses away from more known typologies of use.

All the objects are painted white in order to erase, on one side, their ‘past lives’, as these are not meant to be understood as ready-mades but as objects in their own right.

My objects from £1 shop.

[caption id="attachment_1565" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="The Archaeology of Futures."][/caption]