URBAN DOLLS // DESIGN FACTION // Zamek Cieszyn (Poland)

I wanted to share with you a picture I have received from Kasia Jezowska. Kasia’s curated Design Faction exhibition (my Urban Dolls project is part of this touring exhibition) had a huge success in Lodz Design Festival 2011, and  Kasia was asked to show her exhibition once again, but this time in another town of Poland – Cieszyn. The exhibition was on 3-12 February 2012 in Zamek Cieszyn. Thank you Kasia, due to this event I had a record high my website views.


Yayoi Kusama @ Tate Modern

Last weekend Mindaugas and I went to Yayoi Kusama exhibition which is currently on in Tate Modern. Not mentioning 30min queuing up for a ticket (5 cashiers were open), we have managed to get it. Inside of the exhibition as we have expected was – crazy. I never seen so many ‘art thirsty’ people running around, as all 14 rooms were full. I would like to share with you my favourite pieces that I photographed using my best undercover photography skills.


Weekend in Göteborg

It is so nice to travel when somebody is waiting for you. My dad is temporarily working in Sweden, so we couldn’t miss a chance to go and see him, so  3 weeks ago, Mindaugas and I went to snow covered and freezing Sweden, which we found very exotic and extremely cold, as at that time when we left London we were enjoying +8C.


Terence Conran – The Way We Live Now – exhibition opening at London Design Museum

To celebrate Terence Conran’s 80th birthday, Design Museum invites people to the The Way We Live Now exhibition, that explores Terenc’s unique impact on contemporary life in Britain. Here are few snapshots from the opening evening. The exhibition runs from 16th November – 04 March 2012.


People Made – Nokia products that changed the world // Design Museum

I think to most of us Nokia associates with nostalgia. First phone, first sms… Today Design Museum is opening its door and invites its visitor to a journey back and to a coming future. By the way , the first mass-market phone Nokia 1011 is celebrating its 20th anniversary! Happy birthday!
Few shots from the exhibition opening night + New Lumia 800 phone.


Typo London 2011 Places – JOKER WILD CARD

Last week one of the biggest design talks – Typo London 2011 Places was storming the capital of England. With the most impressive speakers list – it was a total temptation that was difficult to resist. Unfortunately, due to last minute change of plans, I’ve managed to see only 1 speaker – Morag Myerscough, who was as always – brilliant!


Imaginary Menagerie @ Text Gallery

Last evening, small Text gallery based in WC1 was completely packed with people who came to the opening of Imaginary Menageries exhibition, where 19 designers from all around the world were exhibiting their tongue-twisting interpretations. It was very sweet to to watch and listen to people trying to read the tongue twisters in perfection, not just in English, but in Russian, Spanish and other languages as well.


Urban Dolls // Objects

For my final project I have created 9 items:

1. Lip magnifier
2. Eye magnifier
3. Nose shaper
4. Ear pinners
5. Face mask / lip pounter
6. Lip pounter
7. Face lifter
8. Cheek plumper
9. Cheek reducer

Please see the electronic version of the >> book


Urban Dolls Contextual Report / Mum who am I?

This is my Contextual Report for my final year project. In this paper, I propose that there is no need to undergo expensive, psychologically and physically painful procedures in finding your perfect look. Essential parts of the human psyche – confidence and self-esteem – could be easily lifted and ‘healed’ not just by a few cuts and stitches made by the surgeon, but also by through various design contexts and practises.


Yesterday I did this small DIY project.
I always found this stool very unattractive, so by painting its legs and making soft cushion I brought it back to its glory. I have included a picture to see how it looked before and after.


Vakar dariau si maziuka pasidaryk pats projektuka.
Visuomet sita taburete man atrodydavo be galo nepatraukli, todel nusprendziau nudazyti jos kojas ir padaryt miksta pagalves. Taip pat prisegu nuotrauka, sulyginimui kaip ji atrode pries tai ir dabar