Vilma Vaiciule and Design Faction in On Show book

Thank you to Design Faction exhibition curator Kasia Jezowska for sending me pictures of the book where my Urban Dolls project can be seen too. This great On Show book about temporary design fairs, special events, and art exhibitions could be purchased from amazon for around £38.Thank you Kasia! _More

Urban Dolls project travels to Poland to take part in Design Faction at Lodz Design Festival 2011

Urban Dolls project travels to Poland to take part in Design Faction at Lodz Design Festival 2011. My work will be exhibited alongside of other eleven great designers / artists: Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg / Dominic Wilcox / Gerard Rallo / Gunnar Green / James Auger & Jimmy Loizeau  (Jimmy has taught me at Goldmiths)/ Ludwig Zeller / Marek Kultys / Revital Cohen / Santiago Ortega Haboud / Sitraka Rakotoniaina / Studio Duho: Hina Thibaud & Olivia Decaris


Urban Dolls // Objects

For my final project I have created 9 items:

1. Lip magnifier
2. Eye magnifier
3. Nose shaper
4. Ear pinners
5. Face mask / lip pounter
6. Lip pounter
7. Face lifter
8. Cheek plumper
9. Cheek reducer

Please see the electronic version of the >> book


Urban Dolls // Concept

It is getting more and more difficult to define a concept of contemporary beauty. In urban society, where the hunt for perfection begins at an early age and modified ‘plastic beauties’ wave from the covers of glossy magazines, humanity’s struggle for perfection appears almost limitless.