People Made – Nokia products that changed the world // Design Museum

I think to most of us Nokia associates with nostalgia. First phone, first sms… Today Design Museum is opening its door and invites its visitor to a journey back and to a coming future. By the way , the first mass-market phone Nokia 1011 is celebrating its 20th anniversary! Happy birthday!
Few shots from the exhibition opening night + New Lumia 800 phone.


Nokia Pure.

Last night we (the studio) went to the launch of Nokia Pure typeface at Tramshed, Rivington Street, where Morag Myerscough alongside other great designers, such as Alex Trouchet, Bond, Build, Cartlidge Levene, DesignStudio, HelloVon, Nokia Design, Non-Format, North, Practise, Value & Service &  Z.A.K were exhibiting her installation of 20 PURE stools.


Kin Design | Nokia Live Brief

This was 6 weeks project, where I worked alongside my friends: Lizzy Burt and Michael Richardson.

The brief of the project was to design a 5m square exhibition space in Brick Lane that would communicate Nokia’s new ‘social location’ technology. The outcome had to capture visitor’s attention and tell the story with simplicity and innovation.