Happy Birthday KIN!

On 12 November Kin Design was celebrating studio’s second birthday party. I popped in there to congratulate Matt and Kevin (I’ve met them, when we were doing a joint project, while I was still studding at Goldsmiths), and to say hello to my course friends: Avril, Clair and Max who work there. hahahaha funny enough, I’ve managed to park my bike in ‘somebody’s’ private yard, and when it was time to head home, I found the gates – locked  and I walked all the way home, while Mindaugas was slowly cycling alongside of me. What a silly cow…


Kin Design | Nokia Live Brief

This was 6 weeks project, where I worked alongside my friends: Lizzy Burt and Michael Richardson.

The brief of the project was to design a 5m square exhibition space in Brick Lane that would communicate Nokia’s new ‘social location’ technology. The outcome had to capture visitor’s attention and tell the story with simplicity and innovation.