Gosh… It has been a while since I wrote my last blog post, as all my time is spent working or travelling or doing both at the same time. So, this time I want talk to you about Michael.

On the last day of May, our MINI GANG: Alma, Lizzy and I, went to the private view of Goldsmiths Degree Show 2012 – Michael. Not a surprise, during those events you don’t really see much, as all your time is spent talking to friends, tutors and other nice people you meet.

We based our ‘little camp’ around our friend’s Justas Motuzas space (project The Third Layer), which I have to say, was one of the busiest in the show, as Justas’ project was dammmmm good! So proud of you my friend!!!!! Well done Justas!

// Few highlights of the evening attached.