Yesterday I did this small DIY project.
I always found this stool very unattractive, so by painting its legs and making soft cushion I brought it back to its glory. I have included a picture to see how it looked before and after.


Vakar dariau si maziuka pasidaryk pats projektuka.
Visuomet sita taburete man atrodydavo be galo nepatraukli, todel nusprendziau nudazyti jos kojas ir padaryt miksta pagalves. Taip pat prisegu nuotrauka, sulyginimui kaip ji atrode pries tai ir dabar


The Archaeology of Futures. Workshop by El Ultimo Grito

The aim of this workshop is to create both objects and narrative contexts as one single outcome. During the development process the first would feed the second and one vice versa in order to achieve new kinds of product typology that would talk about possible futures and the way we picture and interpret them right now.