8th March // International Women’s Day

I’m so happy that I still got the memories of 8th March and how it was celebrated in LTSR times. When men carrying red tulip bouquets were filling the streets, and like blood river beds were floating grey concrete pavements, which later stopped by the blocks of flats and disparred in them. Tulips and only red tulips…


100 Posters have arrived!

How exciting is that! Our 100 A0 billboard posters designed for LCC (London College of Communication) summer shows 2011 have arrived! Aren’t they fab? The colours look amazing. One is brighter than another… Looking forward to see them going up. Not long to wait.


Made in Kingston // Tent London 2010

Studio Myerscough was asked by MA Curating course (Kingston University) to help with the design for their Made in Kingston show at Tent London 2010. Morag has came up with this colourful idea. I’ve spent two days with the students painting the type on the walls and back in the studio working with Morag on the rest of the graphics.


Urban Dolls // Objects

For my final project I have created 9 items:

1. Lip magnifier
2. Eye magnifier
3. Nose shaper
4. Ear pinners
5. Face mask / lip pounter
6. Lip pounter
7. Face lifter
8. Cheek plumper
9. Cheek reducer

Please see the electronic version of the >> book


Urban Dolls // Concept

It is getting more and more difficult to define a concept of contemporary beauty. In urban society, where the hunt for perfection begins at an early age and modified ‘plastic beauties’ wave from the covers of glossy magazines, humanity’s struggle for perfection appears almost limitless.


Urban Dolls Contextual Report / Mum who am I?

This is my Contextual Report for my final year project. In this paper, I propose that there is no need to undergo expensive, psychologically and physically painful procedures in finding your perfect look. Essential parts of the human psyche – confidence and self-esteem – could be easily lifted and ‘healed’ not just by a few cuts and stitches made by the surgeon, but also by through various design contexts and practises.