The Anti-social

This project was an interesting and challenging journey, as my main aim was not to create something beautiful, beneficial to a society but opposite – to create negativity that people would remember and talk about. As an artist I was re-shaping an old area’s face. I was designing its new mood, playing with people’s feelings, their emotions, with a hope to shock and leave them scared and terrified.

With my interventions I wanted to achieve a properties’ prices drop that I could move in and live there. That is why and how I became an unknown vandal, replacing positives with negatives and opposite.

All interventions were presented in form of a notebook, which slipped from the ‘vandal’s’ pocked, on the run from a local estate agent.


1.Missing dog’s poster was distributed around local area, advertising: Black Pug Dog by the group of youths has been stolen from well known Holly & Lil Collar Couture (local store) shop floor. A cash reward has been offered. (To frighten community and make them feel unsafe about themselves and their pets)

2.Temporary parking space was designed and placed on the single yellow line. When the driver parks, parking space is removed by ‘vandal’ and car is standing on a yellow line (To make drivers confused and be punished by the traffic wardens)

3.Prostitute advertising card was designed and placed in the local phone box (To attract neighborhood’s attention and introduce London’s problem to a local community, faking service’s potential)

4.Directing ground sign (To help people finding well hidden, Poussin’s Gallery)

5.Fake vomit in the local park (To shock and disgust people who come to park for lunch)

6.Appealing for witness sign by the murder scene (To shock and scare community with fictional serious (Rape/Murder) crime scene)

7. Irritating sound created by musicians, who cannot play (To interrupt the silence and peaceful idyll of a local area)